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PRess Newsletter January 2017

January is the “door” to the year… and just like that… 2017 is well underway! The month was all about planning and execution for the year to come, renewing relationships and “doing what we do best – selling wine and kicking @#%!”

A few of the juicy details…
• hot press: Scoring 90 points, RouteStock 2014 Chardonnay is Editor’s Choice in Wine Enthusiast.
• what people are saying: Jim Mullen of The Frog and Peach restaurant tells Tara Q. Thomas why Chateau du Moulin-a-Vent is a go-to on his wine list.
• rainy day wines: The rain just won’t go away, but at least we have rosé – and two other picks to drink on gray days.
• creative corner: Speaking of rosé… the WDQ (Wilson Daniels (is) Quality) is underway and will include a special standalone centerfold on WD’s incredible rosé portfolio

February 1, 2017
PRess Newsletter January 2017