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SOMMTALKS Wine Tasting Series with Vance Rose of Grieve Family

“Winemaker Vance Rose talks to us and shares several of the estate grown Sauvignon Blancs from Grieve Family. … The first wine we taste is:

“2014 Grieve Family Winery Sauvignon Blanc. This is not your typical California Sauv blanc. This wine is quite unique due to the tiny area and the winemaking technique. This wine is not grassy or race rather it’s floral with apricot and a hint of clove spices.

“Rose discussed the ripening progression of Sauvignon blanc, from jalepeno pepper to bell pepper, asparagus and green bean into the spectrum of fruit, from grapefruit, honeydew and then finally, to stone fruit, including apricots, nectarines and finally, guava. Depending on when the grape is picked and the amount of direct sunlight, it takes on these elements progressively. This is unique to this particular grape Sauvignon Blanc.

“We next move into their signature Napa Valley Bordeaux blend:

2012 Double Eagle Red Bland, Grieve This wine is comprised of 42% Cabernet Sauvignon from St. Helena (Napa), 38% Merlot from the Lovall Valley Loop vineyard, 20% Cabernet Franc from St. Helena as well. Here, he feels the Cab Franc plays a big role in the wine, the same way a spic is added to a dish. Tune in to hear more details from this passionate and articulate winemaker, who’s also a chef so speaks from an educated palate.”

Listen to the podcast at SommTalks.

Laura Levy Shatkin, December 30, 2016
SOMMTALKS Wine Tasting Series with Vance Rose of Grieve Family