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Wilson Daniels PRess Newsletter | July 2016

What a fantastic week at the 2016 National Sales Meeting in Paradise Valley, AZ! Thank you all for making it possible. A complete recap with photos will follow in the August newsletter … for now, here’s a snapshot of what went on in the month of July: sizzling scores, a smoking Tales of the Cocktail experience and some superb photos from the visit to France, when some from the WD and WDW team got up close and personal with WD winery partners’ unique and breathtaking properties.

A few of the juicy details…

  • coming soon: WD is gearing up for TEXSOM 2016! This year in the hospitality suite, WD winery partners will pour a selection of the portfolio while sommelier attendees will try their hand at the cornhole to unveil the mystery wines.
  • the word on the street: Paul Caputo, Wine Routes, praises the “undeniable freshness” of all Champagne Gosset’s current releases.
  • did you know? Bisol and Jeio join the WD portfolio, bringing with them some of the finest Prosecco Valdobbiadene has to offer.
  • press profile of the month: WD PR and Creative Services welcome new faces Jacqueline Rogers (Public Relations Specialist) and Kim Oliver (Graphic Designer).
  • cocktail of the month: Try “Ring around the Rosé,” an original recipe curated in Wilson Daniels’ St. Helena kitchen.

Enjoy the extract! The WD PRess (July 2016) is also available on LinkedIn — linkedin.com/company/wilson-daniels.

August 1, 2016
Wilson Daniels PRess Newsletter | July 2016