Dila Classic Method Brut – 2014

The golden color is embellished by the elegant, fine and persistent perlage that rises in the glass. The olfactory intensity is supported by a lovely variety of aromas and scents from flowers such as white magnolia and jasmine, yellow orange blossom, fresh and yellow exotic fruit, fresh herbs such as tarragon, lemon balm and thyme, to delicate fragrances of fresh yeast and bread crust and light balsamic nuances. When sipped it is at once full, its initial aromatic power a match for the incredible taste and olfactory persistence, amplified by the salinity and minerality of the wine and by a slight bitterness which reveals the identity of the grape variety and the volcanic terrain which gave rise to it.

Wilson Daniels, September 8, 2017
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Dila Classic Method Brut – 2014