Essencia, Tokaj – 1999 – Robb Report

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“In 1989, British wine writer Hugh Johnson and friends formed the Royal Tokaji Wine Company to revive and restore to glory the Hungarian wine once revered by Louis XIV, Catherine the Great, and other European monarchs. Royal Tokaji 1999 Essencia is the rarest and most exquisite of their company’s many excellent wines. It is created from only the free-run juice that accumulates as the botrytised aszú (shriveled) grapes await crushing. Beginning with sugar levels as high as 85 percent, the wine ferments for six years. The creamy, honeyed Essencia comes with a Hungarian crystal sipping spoon.”

Audrey Marek, July 18, 2017
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Essencia, Tokaj – 1999 – Robb Report