Essencia, Tokaj – 2003 – Non-Bubbly New Year’s Eve Pairings – Coravin

“Pairing wine with food can be challenging—especially on New Year’s Eve when champagne reigns supreme and dishes like green leafy vegetables and pickled herring cover dining room tables. Not exactly the most wine-friendly dishes. That’s why we called in three expert sommeliers—Matthew Pridgen from Underbelly (Houston), Steven Grubbs from Empire State South and Five & Ten (Georgia), and Carlton McCoy from The Little Nell (Aspen)—to help us pick the perfect wines for the most common (lucky) NYE foods. The results may surprise you—only twice did anyone agree, proving the age old adage that the best wine is the one you like to drink. Bottoms up!


“McCoy’s Pick: Royal Tokaji Company Essencia (2003): ‘With a glazed doughnut, I’d like something that has big, luscious texture. This is the national wine of Hungary, and these people taught the French how to make sauternes. What’s unique about this wine is its high acid and high sugar as well, which makes it a great food wine. Dessert wines can be too cloying, but the acid balances it out perfectly.’”

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Audrey Marek, July 18, 2017
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Essencia, Tokaj – 2003 – Non-Bubbly New Year’s Eve Pairings – Coravin