J. Schram, North Coast – 1999 – 92 points –
92 points

“I’ve loved every release of this wine that I’ve ever tasted, but I can’t remember being more impressed than I was with this 1999. This killer Chardonnay-based cuvee de prestige bottling can hold its own in any company, and its only comparable company would be very fancy Champagnes with comparably heady prices. The aromas show a gorgeous mélange of notes drawn from high-class Chardonnay and a whole host of little nuances spun out of yeast lees and positive oxidation. The flavors are likewise quite complex, and the finish shows excellent balancing acidity that rides alongside the fruit notes and the sweetness from dosage, enlivening them but not pushing itself into the limelight. This wine was clearly made with great care and skill.”

Audrey Marek, July 18, 2017
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J. Schram, North Coast – 1999 – 92 points –