Veneto, Italy

Musa Lugana DOC – 2019

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  • Introduction

    • Named ‘Musa’ or ‘Muse’ in English, this wine is a source of viticulturally inspiration for the Buglioni family who dreamed of producing a world-class white wine from a historical region in their Veneto homeland. The last white wine born in Buglioni winery after the purchase of a 3 hectare vineyard in year 2014 in the Lugana area.

  • Vineyard Profile

    • Vine Age: 5 years
    • Soil: Chalky clay of morainic origin
    • Elevation: 96 meters (315 feet) above sea level
    • Training: Guyot with 5.000 vines per hectare, (2,024 vines per acre), 8 buds per vine. Green cover of rows.
  • Vintage Report

    • It was definitely an anomalous year.

      After the mild temperatures of February, March and April, where we thought everything was going well, there was a sharp drop in temperature in May. This not only slowed down the vegetative cycle, but partially compromised the flowering and relative yield quantity of the fruit.

      Then in June, the torrid, midsummer heat began. This vegetative delay continued until the end of summer, which began abruptly and continued until the end of September. Harvesting began early in the beginning of September; only Oseleta was chosen in mid-October.

      Full maturation was achieved in all cases without phenolic problems. The late development observed in the first part of the year was offset during the summer months. In particular, the second half of August was crucial for the components that determine the structure of the wines, in particular the accumulation of phenolic substances.

    • Harvest Date(s): Mid-September
    • Yields: 65 hl/ha (4.81 tons/acre)
  • Vinification

    • Crushing and pressing of de-stemmed grapes. Fermentation of the must for approximately 15 days at a controlled temperature (16° C).

    • Aging: The wine matures 5 months in steel tanks, and 2 more months in the bottle before sale.
  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 100% Trebbiano di Lugana
    • Alcohol: 12.0%
    • TA: 6.3 g/L
    • p H: 3.4
    • RS: 3 g/l
  • Tasting Notes

    • Straw yellow color with green shimmers. Intense aroma, rich with notes of flowers, fruity with hints of citrus. Good structure and acidity with delicate mineral undertones.