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2007 J Schram North Coast sparkling wine

“Imagine sampling and choosing grapes from 110 different vineyard sources. Then making a blend using 250 different wines. To top it off, the wine is aged for seven years. That is A LOT of work for one wine, especially one that is a measly 3 percent of production.

“That is J. Schram, the top of the line sparkler at Schramsberg. Mostly chardonnay, this wine’s stone fruit and toasty, nutty flavors ride on a creamy wave across the palate, with a refreshing zip of acidity that heightens the flavors further. Each sip is a rich, complex treat; something to share with guests at a special dinner event. Just don’t make it a big dinner party, so you get plenty of sips in yourself.”

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Catherine Bugue, October 12, 2016
2007 J Schram North Coast sparkling wine