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IDDA is a joint venture between Angelo Gaja and Alberto Graci on Mount Etna that started in 2017. The Graci family is a prominent winemaker in the region. 

The vineyards are located on the southern slope of the volcano, with a wide range of altitudes, exposures and soil types.  Today, the winery owns 50 acres of vineyards at 2,000-2,600 feet above sea level, in the villages of Belpasso and Biancavilla. 

The new winery will be built in Belpasso, ready to welcome its first harvest in 2023. Until then, the wines will continue to be made in Alberto Graci’s facility in Passopisciaro in the north slope. 

“IDDA” means “she” in the Sicilian dialect, which is the term local residents use to refer to the Etna volcano. The wines’ labels are evocative of multiple aspects of the local terrain such as the colors of the lava and of the sea, the tridimensional altitude of the mountain and the terraces of the vineyards. The spiral is an ancient symbol that captures cyclic continuity, expansion and development.  

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Two different sites, Biancavilla and Belpasso, with distinct soil characteristics and variations in temperature, altitude and sunlight. 

Biancavilla Vineyard 

  • Currently the only vineyard making wine for the IDDA label, located at 2,200-2,700 feet above sea level. (27.2 acres were planted with vineyards in 1975) 
  • 24 acres with Nerello Mascalese producing IDDA Etna Rosso DOP (2.4 acres of Carricante producing IDDA Bianco Sicilia DOP) 
  • 9.8 acres of vineyards planted in 2017, that will be starting production in 2022. 
  • Soil Characteristics: The soils in Biancavilla are among the oldest of the entire Etna DOC denomination (60.000 years old.) The soil derives from an old lava flow; indeed its color is lighter than typical, indicating a longer oxidation process. The pebbles are small and round, indicating an older state of decomposition. It is a less fertile soil than Belpasso.  

Belpasso Vineyard 

  • 1,968–2,034 feet above sea level (52 acres, only 9.8 acres planted with vineyards. Not located inside the Etna DOC, will be productive with the 2022 vintage). 

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