Famille Joly

Loire, France


Famille Joly is widely known as one of the greatest biodynamic wine producers in France, embodying the intersection of well-respected history and refined technique. The estate is owned by the Joly family, led by Nicolas Joly, and aims to express the natural balance and beauty of the Loire Valley Chenin Blanc vineyards with respect and minimal intervention. Coulée de Serrant, the family monopole, anchors the estate, and recently celebrated its 890th harvest. The three vineyards, each of which is used for a single vineyard wine, are located southwest of Angers, and are farmed entirely biodynamically. Joly’s pursuit is to emphasize each unique facet of these sites, from the age, health and typicity of the soil, to the vine’s orientation and the micro-climate that surrounds them. Famille Joly wines are created to depict the balance of nature and it’s energy.

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The Coulee de Serrant estate has a long history, stretching back to the 12th century when Cistercian monks first planted vineyards around the monastery where Nicolas Joly now resides. From that point, the history of the wine can be traced through the praise of world leaders: In the fifteen century, King Louis XI nicknamed the wine “a drop of gold”. Two hundred years later, King Louis XIV proclaimed his aspirations to visit the estate, unfortunately horrid road conditions wouldn’t allow. In the nineteenth century, Empress Joséphine, wife of Napoléon I, wrote of her fondness of the wines. The famous food and wine critic, Curnonsky, considered Clos de la Coulée de Serrant “one of the five best white wines from France!” More recently, the 2018 vintage was rated one of the best Chenin Blanc from the Loire by Wine Spectator.

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