Oregon: Willamette Valley,


Bertrand de Villaine went to college in Oregon and always kept that part of the world in mind, with a dream to one day make wine from these vineyards. He and his wife were thinking about that project when they met Katrina Rank in 2016 at a conference in Bourgogne. The conversation developed quickly on the subject and a year later, the first vintage of Composition was produced from the Willamette Valley and released in a few markets in the United States in 2018.

Bertrand and Katrina both knew they wanted vineyards that expressed the unique terroir of Willamette Valley and were sustainably farmed. Their focus is on single-vineyard wines. Pursuing excellence from grape to glass, they’re constantly evolving their vision, with conscientious approaches to farming and the pure expression of terroir — the backbone of Composition. Their growers share their sensibility and approach.

Pinot Noir is a synonym for Burgundy for many, but it also beautifully expresses Oregon’s specific climate and terroir. And Chardonnay speaks the truth! Bertrand likes to say, “If your Chardonnay is excellent, everything else follows.” 

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