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Leadership Team

Rocco Lombardo
Rocco R. Lombardo was appointed the role of President at Wilson Daniels in June 2015. He immediately undertook the restructuring of the National Sales Organization, developing a foundational sal...
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Shannon Coursey
Senior Vice President - National Sales Manager
Shannon Coursey is Senior Vice President – National Sales Manager. Shannon moved to New York City in 2000 to further her career in business and marketing within the music industry. Immersed in t...
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Mike Hoagland
Senior Vice President of the Private Client Group Services
Mike Hoagland is Senior Vice President of the Private Client Group Services. Mike has always had a passion for wine, beginning when he traveled throughout Europe as a child. Mike graduated with ...
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Kevin Murphy
Senior Vice President of Operations
Kevin Murphy is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Wilson Daniels. A Connecticut-native and graduate of University of Richmond in Virginia, Kevin’s passion for the fine wine business beg...
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Kristin Butke
Vice President - Northeast Division
Kristin Butke is the Vice President of Sales for the Northeast Division, overseeing the continued growth within the fourteen states that comprise the Northeast. She previously served as Regional...
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James DiCicco
Vice President - Finance
James DiCicco is Wilson Daniels' Vice President of Finance, having previously served 10 years as CFO of wine importer Frederick Wildman. Although numbers have long been his professional focus, J...
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Scott Ehrlich
Vice President - Marketing
Scott Ehrlich is the Vice President of Marketing at Wilson Daniels. His extensive background in the wine industry includes senior roles in the luxury sector at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Conste...
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Andy Lum
Vice President – Western Division
Andy Lum is the Vice President of Sales for the Western Division. Based in Denver, CO, Andy previously served as the Rocky Mountain Regional Manager for three and a half years, transforming the ...
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Marc Nuara
Vice President - Midwest Division
Marc Nuara is Vice President of Sales for the Midwest division. Marc’s love and appreciation for food and wine began at a young age, with a Tuscan-born father who celebrated Italian culture from...
Michael Traverso
Vice President Business Development
Michael Traverso is Vice President of Business Development. Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration & Marketing from University of Southern California, and earn...
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Kim Wood
Vice President - Southern Divison
Kim Wood has been in the wine industry for almost 20 years. His initial interest began just after college when a fortuitous conversation led him to join the wine team at Pappas Bros Steakhouse i...
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William Davis
Director of Education
William Davis is Wilson Daniels’ Director of Education. Working in the Texas and Colorado hospitality markets since the age of 15, William has racked up an impressive array of accolades and cert...
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National Accounts

Heather Dawley-Alfaro
National Accounts Sales Associate
Chris Pedersen
Director of National Accounts - Western U.S.
Tom Galli
Director of National Accounts - Eastern U.S.
Brian Phillips
Director of National Accounts - Central U.S.

Northeast Division

Danny O'Neill
New England Regional Manager
Chris Lowery
Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager
Rebecca Wheeler
New England Area Manager

Mid-West Division

Marc Nuara
Vice President - Midwest Division
Allisun Grandy
North Central Regional Manager
Corey Drake
Central Regional Manager
Ben Eberlein
East Central Regional Manager

Southern Division

Kim Wood
Vice President - Southern Division
Craig Elliott
FL & Caribbean Regional Manger
Craig Leslie
North FL Area Manager
Nicolas Lopez
South Atlantic Regional Manager
Lea Jankowski
Southeast Regional Manager
Laura Corrigan
South Central Regional Manager
Faith Fulginiti
Texas Area Manager
Bradley McGury
Miami Area Manager

Western Division

Andy Lum
Vice President -Western Division
Anna Bui Calderan
Assistant Vice President - Western Division
Laurie Taboulet
Northern CA Area Manager (Napa, Sonoma & San Francisco)
Nicole Frazier
Southern CA Area Manage (San Diego, Orange County, Inland)
Andrew Chaplin
Pacific Northwest Regional Manager
Tony Perez
Northern CA Area Manager
Sarah Shomaker
Rocky Mountain Regional Manager
William Moss
Southeast Regional Manager

Private Client Group Services

Mike Hoagland
Senior Vice President - Private Client Group Services
Emily Jennings
Senior Manager Private Client Group
Victoria Stewart
Associate Manager, Private Client Group


Alban de Brosses
Portfolio Director, France
Alessandro Boga
Portfolio Director, Italy
Kimberly Geronimos
Portfolio Director, New World
Claire Gibbs
Media Relations and Communications Manager
Dave Meservey
Brand Manager, European Brands
Taylor Neumann
Brand Manager, New World
Katie Bastian
Associate Brand Manager
Sarita Delacalzada
Marketing Analyst
JayLeen Murray
PR & Digital Content Associate
Sheena Nueva
Marketing Coordinator


Kim Oliver
Graphic Designer
Ken Prosser
Graphic Designer

Administration and Operations

Teresa Espinosa
Receptionist/Office Administrator
Olga Matsamakis
Office Manager WDW (NY Office)
Andrew “AJ” Brzozowski
Director of Business Intelligence
Brendan Phillips
Director of Operations
John Rosser
Director of IT
Melissa Henagan
Logistics Manager
Denise Lewis
Senior Logistics Manager
Teresa Lewis
Compliance Specialist
Cynthia Montoya
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Ellie Newcombe
National Sales Administrator
Tina Ortiz
Accounting Manager
Suzie Vargus
Sales Service Manager
Kathi Youngblood
Senior Business Analyst