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For Cognac, China’s Loss Is America’s Gain

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“François Rebel, export manager of Cognac Lhéraud, has visited China a half dozen times this year and observed the Cognac market stirring again as the anti-luxury crackdown eases. Lhéraud was absent from the United States for six years until St. Helena, California–based Wilson Daniels Ltd. began importing the brand in 2014. Some expressions like Lhéraud Carafe Eve, which is made from 1934 stocks, have yet to arrive in the United States, but Rebel is optimistic about the brand’s future. ‘The big four or five brands create demand in the marketplace,’ he says. ‘Smaller guys like us can occupy niches where they don’t want to be.’”

H. Lee Murphy, December 2015
For Cognac, China’s Loss Is America’s Gain