Luxury Offerings

  • 2021 Fall Luxury Offering

    2021 Fall Luxury Offering

    As we look forward to the post-pandemic months of autumn and the annual release of our Fall Luxury Offering, we feel a great sense of anticipation and excitement. With restaurants now reopened at full capacity and mask mandates all but a thing of the past, this is one of the most exciting times in the history of the wine industry.

    In addition to offering you the most revered and coveted wines in the world to elevate your special celebrations, we’re eager to welcome our winery partners back to the market and reconnect with our trade friends at in-person events.

  • 2021 Spring Luxury Offering

    2021 Spring Luxury Offering

    Presented alongside our stalwart producers, we are immensely proud to bring you our most exciting and diverse portfolio yet. Even as our portfolio continues to grow, our purpose remains clear, and it’s one that we take great pride in: To introduce and connect you with the most revered, family-owned wineries who exemplify the time-honored tradition of producing best-in-class wines.
    As we welcome this season of fresh starts and new beginnings, let us all remember to embrace the world around us, and feel reinvigorated by our shared passion for discovering the world’s finest wines.

    Best regards,
    Rocco R. Lombardo, President

  • 2020 Fall Luxury Offering

    2020 Fall Luxury Offering

    As is customary in the final trimester of the year, we are proud to launch our annual Fall Luxury Offering and look forward to spending holidays sharing the special bottles we’ve been cellaring away for the most memorable meals of the year. This year will be different in many ways. We’re facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic which has impacted so many families across this great land. Our hearts go out to all that have experienced loss over the past six months. We’ve also witnessed people across America and the world turn out in record numbers to protest racial injustice and prayer for unity and peace. Our instincts as wine professionals, however, have led us to maintain that there is no greater reason to raise a glass of outstanding wine than the spirit of togetherness, and this showcase of our ever-growing portfolio has never been more worthy of celebration.