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Schramsberg 2013 Blanc de Blancs Brut Sparkling Wine

“You reserve grilling steaks for your grandson’s birth, right? And you wouldn’t dare see that hot, new film until your daughter graduates from high school, or stick your toes in a cool, sandy beach until New Year’s Eve — yes?
“A good life includes a string of good experiences, and we take them where we can get (or make) them. So why are so many people holding off on enjoying bubbly until they have something to celebrate? Sparkling wine is a fruity, refreshing sip after work; or a great conversation starter at dinner — and it adds an extra note of excitement whether it costs a pretty penny or is easy on the wallet. Bubbles are just fun.
“And very good bubbles — like this vintage Schramsberg — serve up an extra dose of that fun. Don’t miss this vintage release from Schramsberg. What are you waiting for?”
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Catherine Bugue, September 7, 2016
Schramsberg 2013 Blanc de Blancs Brut Sparkling Wine