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Tenuta Sette Cieli: tasting Indaco and Scipio

Sette Cieli is an exciting winery driven by the young minds of Ambrogio Cremona Ratti and Elena Pozzolini. James Button compares the estate’s two top wines from the 2016 and 2017 vintages.

Situated in Monteverdi Marittimo in the province of Pisa, Tenuta Sette Cieli is one of the highest estates in the area, and named as such with the translation meaning ‘estate of the seven skies’.

A winding three-mile dirt track leads up to a hilltop at around 400 metres above sea level, overlooking the plain leading to the Tyrrhenian coast just eight miles away.

It’s situated close to the border with Bolgheri – you can see Sassicaia’s original vineyard as well as one of Ornelliaia’s vineyards from this lofty viewpoint – and the wines display plenty of Bolgheri typicity, informed by the cool coastal breeze and dazzling sunlight.

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Tenuta Sette Cieli: tasting Indaco and Scipio