Dal Forno Romano

Veneto, Italy

Amarone della Valpolicella DOC – 2003

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  • Vineyard Profile

    • Appellation: Amarone Valpolicella DOC
    • Cultivation: Sustainable
    • Size: 26 hectares (64.22 acres)
    • Vine Age: Minimum of 10 years, and up to 20 currently
    • Clones: 41 b
    • Soil: Alluvial on valley fl oor, limestone on the hill
    • Elevation: 350 meters (1,148 feet)
    • Exposure: South, southwest
    • Density: 12,800 vines/hectare (5,182 vines/acre)
    • Training: Guyot
  • Vintage Report

    • Harvest Date(s): September 20 - October 30
  • Vinification

    • From September 20 to October 25, the finest bunches of grapes are selected, after which a meticulous
      manual control is carried out to eliminate all grapes that do not meet the standards required. The
      selected grapes are then placed in a plastic plateaux and are then left to rest for three months in large
      open rooms, where an innovative ventilation system helps maintain an elevated and thorough air fl ow.

    • Fermentation: Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of around 28°C, which are equipped with a sophisticated computerized system which allows for automated punching for a period of around 15 days, including the fi nal maceration which takes two days.
    • Aging: After decantation in the middle of January, the Amarone, which still contains some residual sugar, is placed into new barrels, where it begins a slow fermentation process which will last for a further 18 months. The total amount of time that it remains in the barrels is 36 months, followed by 24 months in bottles.
  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 60% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, 10% Oseleta, and 10% Croatina
    • Alcohol: 17%
    • TA: 8.4 g/L
    • p H: 3.77
    • RS: 11.5 g/L