Schramsberg Vineyards

California: Napa Valley, United States

Blanc de Noirs, North Coast – 2000

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  • Introduction

    • Blanc de Noirs (white from black) is the counterpart of Blanc de Blancs (white from white). Made at Schramsberg from the red wine grape Pinot Noir, this is a delicious, fruitful, full-bodied sparkling wine. Schramsberg pioneered the Blanc de Noirs style in the United States, releasing the first such American sparkler in 1967.

      Making a white wine from a red grape requires great care: handpicked fruit, early morning harvest, optimal fruit maturity, delicate pressing. A balance of bright flavors, crisp acidity, and minimal tannins is achieved. Three years of yeast contact knits all the elements together in a mature, toasty style.

  • Vineyard Profile

    • Source: 68% Napa County, 24% Mendocino, 8% Sonoma County

  • Vintage Report

    • The warm spring and summer of 2000 brought an early start to a long harvest. Napa began the vintage year on August 2. Fifty-six vineyards later, harvest commenced with Monterey on September 28th. Of these vineyards, 30 made their way into the 2000 Blanc de Noirs, a vibrant Pinot Noir based wine. This Pinot Noir sets the stage with just ripened raspberries and strawberry yogurt, which is balanced by the crisp acidity of the Chardonnay. Twenty-six percent barrel-fermentation lends viscosity and honeyed notes to this fresh wine.

  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 84% Pinot Noir; 16% Chardonnay

      Production: 8,400 cases

      Alcohol: 12.5%

      TA: 0.87 g/100ml

      pH: 3.02

      RS: 1.26%

  • Tasting Notes

    • Fresh fruit is spotlighted in this wine. Strawberry, raspberry and cherry aromas dominate the nose, accented by a delicious creaminess that carries through to the palate. The wine is deepened by the bottle-aged characteristics of caramelized apples and baked dough. A juicy sweet and sour berry palate carries this wine to a satisfying, seamless and memorable finish.

      Suggested Food Pairings

      The wine is especially appealing with lighter meats such as veal and pork tenderloin, caviar and smoked fish, risotto with chanterelles and vegetables, or cheese soufflés.