Domaine Laroche

Bourgogne, France

Chablis Premier Cru Les Vaudevey – 2013

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  • Vineyard Profile

    • Domaine Laroche is one of only three proprietors in Les Vaudevey, owning 9.96 hectares (24.61 acres) of the 41.33-hectare (102.13 acres) premier cru vineyard. Planted on steep slopes of 195 to 235 meters (640 to 771 feet) with an eastern to southeastern exposure, the wines enjoy morning to early afternoon sun. They are, therefore, protected from excessive heat and mature slowly, developing a delicate flavor profile.

    • Definition: Vaudevey can also be written in three words: “Vau,” “de,” and “Vey.” These words refer to the “Valley,” or “Vau,” of the “Vey,” which comes from the Latin word “Vadum,” which translates to “humid place” because of the river that used to flood the entrance of the valley.
    • Viticulture: One man, one plot: There are more than 30 people who are dedicated to caring for the 90-plus hectares (222.39 acres) of Domaine Laroche vineyards, with each person responsible for only one plot. This tailor-made approach allows them to manage the vineyards with precision, speed and accuracy. Everyone at Domaine Laroche practices “lutte raisonnée,” or “reasoned protection,” (using chemical intervention only when required): The vineyard is plowed to aerate the soil and encourage development of the root system, as well as the organic life in the soil. Vines are pruned and trained by hand, with a strict pruning and debudding regimen. Leaf plucking occurs to aerate the canopy and avoid the development of botrytis, while trellising aerates the grapes and provides them with favorable exposure.
    • Vine Age: 35 years
    • Soil: Vaudevey is planted on Kimmeridgian limestone with a very rocky topsoil providing good drainage and aeration. The limestone and clay soil contains a multitude of tiny fossilized oyster shells. This unique soil structure delineates the grand and premier cru areas of Chablis, imparting a finesse to the Chardonnay that is precise, elegant and exceptional.
  • Vintage Report

    • A year like 2013 required much attention. From spring onwards, weather conditions were particularly challenging, implying careful intervention in bud removal, cane positioning and leaf plucking in order to aerate the canopy and limit the development of diseases. Hand-harvesting and sorting were crucial for quality. Despite the demands of the 2013 vintage, the profile of each terroir is quite clear, and the wines are harmonious with the typical salty finish of Chablis.

  • Vinification

    • Pressing: Whole bunches in a pneumatic press, then 12 to 14 hours settling at 12 C (53 F) in specially designed wide tanks that accelerate the natural settling process

    • Fermentation: 3 weeks at 17 C (63 F) (66% stainless steel, 34% French oak)
    • Aging: 9 months (66% stainless steel, 34% French oak)
  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 100% Chardonnay
    • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Tasting Notes

    • Appearance: Bright gold color
      Aroma: Lots of mineral hints over a layer of white peach
      Taste: Nervy, racy, lively with a mineral finish



  • Chablis Premier Cru Les Vaudevey – 2013 – 91 points, Year’s Best White Burgundy – Wine & Spirits

    “With its scent of apple blossoms, apple-wood smoke and mild earthiness, this is a fragrant Chablis that feels clean and refined. The wine leaves a lasting impression of green apples and crushed stone, …”

  • Chablis Premier Cru Les Vaudevey – 2013

    This wine is a bright gold color with lots of mineral aromas over a layer of white peach. The palate is nervy, racy and lively with a mineral finish.