Domaine Laroche

Bourgogne, France

Chablis Vieille Voye – 2014

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  • Introduction

    • A historical plot in two ways. First of all, it has been recognized in the early days of the Chablis vineyard as a terroir of a great quality: the abbots of Pontigny who were at the origin of the Chablis vineyard already cultivated this plot in the 15th century. Secondly, it is one of the original plot of Domaine Laroche.

  • Vineyard Profile

    • Vineyards: Vieille Voye is a plot of 7 hectares, located beneath the Premier Cru Vaillons (Les Lys part).
    • Grape Source: 100% Chardonnay
    • Viticulture: One-man, one plot cultivation at Laroche, meaning one person is completely in charge of his section of the vineyard, from pruning through to harvest. Conversion to organic viticulture was begun in 2010 for these Laroche vineyards. Domaine Laroche will require four consecutive years of organic cultivation (one more year than EU regulations prescribe) before they will consider their viticulture to be 100% organic. Traditional Chablis pruning system with strict pruning and debudding; trellising to aerate the canopy and leaf plucking to avoid compact canopy and prevent growth of botrytis. Green harvesting when needed.
    • Size: 7 hectares (17.29 acres)
    • Vine Age: 70 years
    • Density: 5,880 vines per hectare (2,380 vines per acre); massal selection from Laroche old vines for the new plantings
  • Vintage Report

    • The ripening was slow and fully achieved, without any over-concentration. Skins were pale yellow thanks to a ripeness without excess. Health condition was very good. The juice has a remarkable balance, with nice acidity, without too much malic acid and the alcohol potential is medium. This vintage has a great potential. This vintage is quite similar to 1996 in the remarkable acid structure. It shows some characteristics of 2010 and 2008, with a still more beautiful balance.

    • Harvest Date(s): End of September
    • Yields: 55 hectoliters per hectare (4 tons per acre)
  • Vinification

    • Malolactic: Approximately 30 days
  • Technical Information

    • Clear lemon color

      Fruity, fragrant nose with hints of ripe white fruit and flowers

      Lively on the palate with a mineral accent on layers of white fruit; a fresh finish

    • Alcohol: 12%