Millton Vineyards & Winery

Gisborne, New Zealand

Clos de Ste. Anne La Bas Chenin Blanc — 2020

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  • Introduction

    • Clos de Ste. Anne is Millton Vineyard’s “Grand Cru” and is dedicated to Annie Millton, whose family farmed this land for five generations. The wines from this site reflect the unique terroir. This vineyard location makes it the first vineyard in the world to see the light of a new day.

  • Vineyard Profile

    • Clos de Ste. Anne is on steep northeast facing slopes; soil is loam with volcanic ash and pumice over calcareous sedimentary rock.

    • Appellation: Gisborne
  • Vintage Report

    • Harvest Date(s): March 27, 2020
  • Vinification

    • Within this little vineyard we make separate selections, pressed according to the profile of skin thickness, seed ripeness and mouth feel. The moon plays a part in this process as well. Whole clusters are gently pressed and we let the juice start fermenting on its own. Once this process is going and we know the yeasts are healthy we transfer the juice to large 600L demi-muid barrels, where it stays for months until time for bottling. We prevent malolactic fermentation as we want the wine to have a nervy, chipped stone minerality from the retained malic acid. Aging ‘sur lie’ for these nine months gives texture and creaminess to the palate and a quince like character to the nose, as well as contributing to the long, clean aftertaste.

  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 100% Chenin Blanc
    • Alcohol: 14%
    • TA: 6.9 g/L
    • p H: 3.49
    • RS: 2.9 g/L
  • Tasting Notes

    • Aromas of honey, pears and bee’s wax. A hint of warm wool and starched linen. Clipped stone minerality. The savory acidity holds true all the way through and the austere dry textured tannins are refreshing, while a quince-like fruit flavor gives lift and great length to the overall taste.