Olivier Bernstein

Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru – 2018

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  • Vineyard Profile

    • Two different plots within this famous Grand Cru site, located mid-slope on the southern side of the vineyard. At the center of the slope, the soil is shallow, a depth of about 45 cm. (17 inches) with a greater proportion of clay than is found higher up on the slope, overlying broken limestone. These very old vines, 80 years in age, are situated in the midst of the prestigious Clos de la Bourgogne that was built by the Cistercian monks of the Abbey of Cîteaux and dates back to 1098.

    • Vineyards: Clos de Vougeot
    • Cultivation: Lutte raisonnée (“reasoned protection”)
    • Viticulture: Two green harvests during the summer; sustainably farmed
    • Vine Age: 80 years
    • Elevation: 250 meters (820.2 feet)
    • Density: 10,000 vines/ha
  • Vintage Report

    • “The winter of 2018 was cold, late and long. It started a month late and continued with some snowflakes that fell in early April. Despite the vigorous February cold and the negative temperatures in March, the vines woke up quickly from their winter dormancy. I observed the first signs of budburst on April 12, which was one week later compared to 2017. This trend was reversed with the arrival of a mild spring with summer temperatures. The vegetation grew at a blazing speed; Richard and our team worked tirelessly in the vineyards to de-bud and raise the growing vines. The heat combined with the humidity caused a strong threat of disease, mildew in particular.

      The application of treatments was orchestrated with accuracy and allowed us to minimize the fungus. Luckily the North Wind helped us in our fight by drying and sanitizing the foliage. The clusters appeared and at the end of May, the flower buds opened, giving the Côte de Nuits an intoxicating fragrance. The berries grew visibly while a heat wave raged for one month of the grape harvest. Temperatures rose to 29 degrees Celsius, but the vines resisted well by drawing the water stored in the soil during winter.

      The berries were a beautiful color and the concentration of sugar in the juice increased rapidly. The 2018 vintage was hot and early; I decided to set the date of the harvest to September 1 to maintain the acidity of the grapes and a nice freshness for the future wine.

      The first bunches that arrived in our vat room were those from our plot of Mazis-Chambertin. The fine maturities allowed us to vinify with 80 percent whole grapes for a short vatting time that did not exceed 18 days. All vintages are vintner’s vintages, but I think 2018 was also a winemaker’s vintage. It was necessary to make the right choices to preserve equilibrium.

      The result after a small year is quite fascinating: mature, rich and fresh at the same time. The decision to harvest early and the choices in winemaking have borne beautiful fruit. The wines have explosive noses from small, red berries, and an impressive balance in the mouth.” Olivier Bernstein, September 9, 2019.



  • Olivier Bernstein Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru — 2018 – Wine Spectator – 94 Points

    Exotic notes of flowers, wild red berries and spices mark this dense, concentrated red. It picks up a smoky cast, building on the palate to a long, licorice-and spice-filled finish. A chalky sensation lingers. Best from 2024 through 2043.

  • Olivier Bernstein Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru – 2018 – Vinous – 94 Points

    The 2018 Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru is soft, fruity and forward, in other words quite accessible for this site, where wines tend to be a bit hard in the early going. Crushed rose petal, spice, mint and blood orange give the 2018 lovely aromatic dimension to play off a core of bright red berry fruit. The 2018 will be easy to enjoy with minimal cellaring for a Grand Cru Burgundy. If opened young, it needs a bit of air for a touch of reduction to blow off.