Familia Torres

Penedès, Spain

Forcada, DO Penedès — 2021

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  • Introduction

    • WINERY: Familia Torres founded its first winery in Villafranca del Penedès in 1870, over 150 years ago, but its roots in the winegrowing traditions of Spain date back to the 16th century. Five generations have carried the family business forward, passing on their passion for wine culture from parents to children — a passion steeped in respect for land and tradition, and a firm belief in innovation. Today the family focuses on wines from unique vineyards and historical estates, as well as the recovery of ancestral varieties.

      WINE: Familia Torres has spent 40 years rediscovering ancient grape varieties thought to be lost due to the phylloxera blight. They aim to revive Catalonia’s winemaking tradition, creating unique wines with authenticity. Among over 50 discovered varieties, Forcada is the only white grapes that shows great potential. It shows great potential for winemaking and is adaptable to climate change. Forcada is grown in Alt Penedès, known for its aromatic intensity and freshness.

  • The Estate

    • DO Penedès
  • Vineyard Profile

    • Vineyards were planted in 2014. The vineyard covers an area of 14.3 hectares with an approximate slope of 6% and is located at an elevation of 510 meters.

    • Appellation: DO Penedès
    • Location: Catalunya
    • Cultivation: Sustainable, Solar
    • Soil: Deep, reddish calcareous clay soils
  • Vintage Report

    • 2021 experienced low rainfall during the first half of the year, making it a dry vintage. A short period of rain in September affected the harvest, causing delays and resulting in scattered outbreaks of botrytis. The temperature during the 2021 growth season started cooler than usual, followed by a mild summer. February stood out for its higher-than-normal temperatures, which caused bud break to happen earlier in the early-ripening varieties. However, these varieties were then exposed to spring frost in March.

    • Harvest Date(s): End of September
  • Vinification

    • In temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Aged in 95% in stainless steel tanks on fine lees for 6 months; 5% in second-use oak for 6 months with bâttonage.

    • Aging: Aged in 95% in stainless steel tanks on fine lees for 6 months; 5% in second-use oak for 6 months with bâttonage
  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 100% Forcada
    • Alcohol: 13.5%
    • TA: 7.7 g/L
    • p H: 2.73
    • RS: 0.4 g/L
    • Optimum Drinking: 6-8 years
  • Tasting Notes

    • Very nice open and complex nose. Notes of fennel, white pepper, with good acidity and a vibrant palate.