Olivier Bernstein

Mazis-Chambertin Grand Cru — 2015

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  • Vineyard Profile

    • Grapes sourced from growers in the Les Mazis-Haut are blended in with the production of Bernstein’s own vines in Les Mazis-Bas. Soil composition in Les Mazis- Haut is partly alluvial, partly scree and some tens of centimeters deep; rocks are of bathonien origin. Les Mazis-Bas has clay-limestone soils in varying proportions; the marl and limestone belong to the Jurassic period, and numerous marine fossils can be found on the surface.

    • Vineyards: Les Mazis-Haut, Les Mazis-Bas
    • Cultivation: Lutte raisonnée (“reasoned protection”)
    • Viticulture: Two green harvests during the summer; sustainably farmed
    • Size: 8.79 hectares (21.7 acres)
    • Vine Age: Up to 80 years
    • Elevation: 280 meters (918.6 feet)
    • Exposure: East/southeast
    • Density: 10,000 vines/ha
  • Vintage Report

    • As early as spring, the 2015 vintage appeared to be precocious. A particularly sunny and dry month of April favored the vines (the budding and flowering were ahead of schedule). These magnificent climatic conditions gave hope for a beautiful harvest. We already knew that a green harvest would be necessary to “lighten” the vines. The head start acquired during the beginning of the cycle was slightly lost with a typical Burgundy summer: wet and chilly without much sunshine. The ripening of our parcels began with a good rhythm during the end of August. Ideal maturing conditions returned in September with a promising harvest starting on the 13th. We began with the Mazis-Chambertin where we found a very nice balance and an agreeable freshness. Our grapes, already sorted several times directly on the vines over the summer, were once again rigorously sorted by our team of harvesters. The grapes were ripe, healthy, and aromatic. We decided to keep 30% of the stocks for all the batches (50% for the Bonnes-Mares). The result is a very beautiful and classical Burgundy vintage!