Domaines Leflaive

Bourgogne, France

Montrachet Grand Cru – 2006

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  • Vineyard Profile

    • Cultivation: 100% biodynamic
    • Size: 0.2 acre
    • Vine Age: Planted 1960
  • Vintage Report

    • In 2005–2006, winter began early, was cold and lasted a long time! The first frosts occurred in mid-November and, with the exception of several days at the start of December and in mid-February, continued on a regular basis until March 19. Temperatures plunged to five degrees Fahrenheit on December 30. The period was marked by frequent snow flurries, though they did not cover the ground for long or accumulate substantially. The winter thus registered a net hydric deficit.

      March was damp, with an accumulation of 5.35 inches of precipitation, while April mitigated the dampness with varied weather. May was cool, though disrupted by rainstorms, resulting in considerable risk of mildew. It wasn’t until June 8 that the vines enjoyed the warmth and sunshine favorable to flowering. Lovely summer weather then set in until the end of July. Thanks to this, flowering was over in record time and the fruit set was precocious. The grapes fattened quickly, and the grape bunches were fully formed by July 10 to 12. By contrast, August was a cold and damp month, slowing maturation.

      As for September, it was marvelously sunny and bright, fully justifying its reputation as the month determining quality. The weather remained dry, with beautiful days at high temperatures, favorable to excellent grape ripening. The patches of botrytis that had started to develop in August were stabilized.

      Harvest ran from September 20 to 27. The Chardonnays, which were very ripe and which could have toppled over quickly into over-ripeness, had to be followed closely and harvested in the correct order.

  • Vinification

    • Long, gentle pneumatic pressing, débourbage over 24 hours, then racking and running into cask of the must Alcoholic fermentation in oak casks, 100% new (origin Allier) Matured 12 months in new oak, followed by 6 months in one-year-old oak, then prepared for bottling Homeopathic fining and very light filtering, if necessary



  • Montrachet Grand Cru – 2006 – 94-97 points –

    "...big-bodied flavors that ooze with dry extract and are rich, full and powerful with palate staining intensity and a deep, opulent and hugely long finish. A wow wine."