Elvio Cogno

Piedmont, Italy

Pre-Phylloxera Barbera d’Alba DOC – 2018

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  • Introduction

    • Produced from one of the last archaic vines of the Langhe area, an open air museum of viticulture from a time gone by, the plants are over one hundred years old. The vines are not grafted but propagated through cuttings, thus maintaining, over the decades, the original Barbera characteristics.

      The vineyard has an excellent exposure and sandy-chalky terrain, situated in Berri near La Morra, which guaranteed the vines a natural protection from Phylloxera and imparts unique and exclusive characteristics to the vines. The intriguing simplicity of the vines and their typical, traditional charm that derives from the microclimate and favorable altitude make a one of-a-kind wine.

      The low production per hectare guarantees an intensely rare and rich organoleptic concentration. The wine is refined in oak casks that slowly develop the primary aromas. Pleasant and refined, complex even as a young wine but able to withstand bottle aging, it expresses its solid uniqueness even over the years.

  • Vineyard Profile

    • Vineyards: 100% estate vineyards in Località Berri, in the village of La Morra
    • Cultivation: Vertical trellising, Guyot pruning, 100% organic (not yet certified)
    • Size: 0.25 hectare (0.62 acre)
    • Vine Age: 120+ years old
    • Soil: Very rich in sand, which is a natural protection from Phylloxera attacks
    • Elevation: 520 meters (1,706 feet) above sea level
    • Exposure: Southern
    • Density: 4,500 vines/hectare (1,821 vines/acre)
  • Vintage Report

    • The 2018 vintage opened with a long winter with plenty of rainfall, restoring the soil’s water supply which had diminished due to the weather conditions in the previous year. The winter season extended until the beginning of March, with temperatures which were lower than in recent years. This led to a gradual, slow resumption of the vine’s vegetative phase,  which was completed by the end of the same month. Bud break was regular, with none of the problems caused by late frosts. Spring continued in keeping with the end of the winter, with frequent rainfall and temperatures which were not high, suggesting that the vintage would develop along “classic” lines, and not earlier than usual as had happened the previous year.

      This expectation was confirmed by the course of the season. In both the Barolo and Barbaresco growing areas the sugar contents increased over the last part of the season, and the phenolic ripening also accelerated, which made it possible to arrive at the harvest with excellent parameters. Combined with a perfect level of acidity, all of this will allow for well-balanced wines with excellent ageing potential.

    • Harvest Date(s): Beginning of October
  • Vinification

    • Fermentation: 100% in stainless-steel fermentors, temperature controlled, automatic pump-overs; 100% with indigenous yeast
    • Malolactic: 100% in steel fermenters
    • Aging: 1 year barrel-aging in used, 25-hl (660-gallon) Slavonian oak; bottle-aged for 6 months. Bottled without filtration
  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 100% Barbera
    • Alcohol: 14.5%
    • TA: 6.62 g/L
    • RS: 0.45 g/L
  • Tasting Notes

    • A deep, richly colored wine, the Barbera d’Alba Pre-Phylloxra 2018 shows huge fruit, expressive aromatics and tons of structure, all well-balanced by the impressive freshness and sweetness. Menthol, pine, spices, a hint of leather and ripe plums fill the palate to jump into an incredibly long finish, a truly unique wine.