Jeio (by Bisol)

Veneto, Italy

Prosecco Rosé DOC — 2022

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  • Introduction

    • In the new Jeio Doc Rose the blend of Giera and Pinot Nero creates a wine that is able to transmit the beauty of the nature and places in which it has its origins, synthesizing the style of the Valdobbiadene located company. The hamlet in which winemaking is truly privileged for its unique position between Cortina d’Ampezzo, “Queen of the Dolomites,” and Venice, with its millennial appeal infused with culture, artistic splendor and history. Agronomic attention is at its highest amongst the rows of vines cultivated with the “double curtain” and “sylvoz” training systems, where every decision is taken in full respect for the environment, the ecosystem and biodiversity. The philosophy followed in the vineyards is not dissimilar to that applied in the winery where we are constantly seeking to obtain the maximum quality standards and to get the best out of the raw materials which, exalted during the production processes, bring to the forefront all that the season and land has endowed the bunches of grapes with.

  • The Estate

    • Valdobbiadene
  • Vineyard Profile

    • Soil: The firm rock below and crumbly stone on the surface endow the grapes with marked acidity balanced out by the natural sugars which are preserved and exalted by the heroic manual grape harvest.
    • Training: Double curtain, Sylvoz system
  • Vintage Report

    • Harvest Date(s): Month of September. The Follina Pinot Nero harvest precedes the Glera harvest by about a week.
  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 85% Glera, 15% Pinot Nero. Locally sourced
    • Alcohol: 11%
    • TA: 5.5 g/L
    • RS: 6.5 g/L
  • Tasting Notes

    • Color: Pink “romantic dream,” delicate and brilliant with a very fine lively perlage

      Bouquet: Floral, sweetness of rose and lily of the valley, with a fresh citrus fragrance

      Flavor: Soft and balanced, clean cut, distinct and elegantly penetrating