Arnaldo Caprai

Umbria, Italy

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Marco Caprai

With roots firmly set in Umbrian culture and terroir, Marco Caprai has worked tirelessly in the exploration and promotion of the previously neglected native variety Sagrantino since taking over management of the Arnaldo Caprai Winery. In 1989, Marco launched the Sagrantino Project in collaboration with the University of Milan, turning the small local reality into an enological phenomenon.

Marco continues to be involved with the Montefalco territory’s development and reclassification, including “Strada del Sagrantino Project,” the area’s principal marketing entity.

Former director of the Consortium that protects and promotes authentic Montefalco wines, Marco is now president of the Vinegrowers of the Provincial Agricultural Union of Perugia and was presented with the Best Producer award by the Italian Sommelier Association.

Marco Caprai