Dal Forno Romano

Veneto, Italy

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Romano Dal Forno

Romano Dal Forno, namesake of the estate, is the owner and winemaker along with his three sons Luca, Michele and Marco. Romano was born in 1957 and brought up in Capovilla, a small village in Val D’Illasi. He grew up in the agricultural world and as a child helped his father in the fields when extra hands were needed. It was then that he learned the basics of viticulture and winegrowing.

Romano went on to study agriculture in the Bassa Veronese district. After his schooling, he worked on a farm but was disillusioned with the old attitudes that were prevalent—the general lack of initiative and the failure to introduce new methods, to experiment and to carry out research. He went in search of a new outlet, somewhere he could express his personality and create something new. It was at that time, in 1982, that he first encountered the world of fine wine.

Romano immediately recognized the opportunities open to him in building a winery and the potential in developing land that at first seemed arid and poor. From a wider cultural perspective, he felt that such a product would represent a healthy lifestyle to offer to a public that was eager to enjoy things that were at once simple, genuine and sophisticated.

His vision became a reality and has since taken on a personality of its own. Romano has always felt a deep need to bring out the full potential of the land. He re-introduced native vines that had fallen into almost complete disuse, as well as certain viticultural practices. Romano remains on a constant search for quality, both in the final product and in all that surrounds it.

Romano Dal Forno