Everything happens in a season. There is opportunity to pause, explore and discover something new; Dowdell is just that, an opportunity to experience the best winemakers, vineyards and resources that the Napa and Russian River valleys have to offer, without exception. Dowdell bestows a rare experience of enduring quality and pedigreed vineyard sources. The wines are created by the renowned Thomas Brown, a master of Cabernet Sauvignon and Matt Courtney, master of Pinot Noir— these winemakers bring the Dowdell story to life with each vintage.

Dowdell wines are rooted in the culture and history of the Napa Valley. For nearly 40 years, Wilson Daniels has set the stage for the world’s most highly regarded and collected wines to be cellared and enjoyed. Today, Jack Daniels, founder of Wilson Daniels, raises the bar by bringing Dowdell wines to fruition. The essences of Dowdell wines reside as a beacon or landmark for the achievements of many legendary winemakers of the Napa Valley and beyond. The two wines hold a special place in history; as pinot noir is precious to Burgundy and its many admirers; as is Cabernet Sauvignon to Bordeaux and its significant footprint in the Napa Valley and other wine regions. Dowdell wines represent a commitment to the Napa valley and Sonoma Coast — and all we’ve learned along the way.



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