Famille Joly

Loire, France

Winemaker Bio

  • Nicolas Joly - Proprietor

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    Nicolas Joly and his family are the current owners of the estate, after inheriting it from his parents, who purchased it in the 1950s. After a career in Finance, Nicolas returned to the winery in 1976 with aspirations of learning about biodynamics. After reading the writings of Rudolf Steiner, his passion was ignited and he dove further into his studies on the topic. He put the philosophy into practice and later became known as a pioneer of biodynamics and one of the most vocal advocates of the philosophy.

  • Virginie Joly - Managing Director

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    Virginie Joly is the daughter of Nicolas Joly and was raised on the estate. She studied oenology and worked in the field before moving back to the estate to get to work in the winery.

  • Vincent Joly - Sales Manager

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    Vincent Joly is the son of Nicolas Joly and was raised on the estate. He joined the family business in 2018 and assists with the day to day management of the winery.