Rosé Drinking on the Rise: How Château Gassier Is Making a Mark in a Now-Crowded Market

The days of rosé being passé are far, far behind us. The distinctly pink wine is being consumed far and wide, and in particular the drier styles from France – mostly from Provence – are a big hit. In fact, according to the Provence Wine Council, imports of rosé from Provence doubled in 2016 to 1.27 million cases. In 2001 we were importing 17,500 cases of rosé. Translation? A 4,852 percent increase to date. And 20 percent of the global rosé supply each year is consumed by those in the U.S., second only to France.

Which is to say – the “trend” of rosé isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And Château Gassier, with a one of the oldest families of Provence behind it, is showing just what makes a great rosé.

“Château Gassier reveals all the finesse of the exceptional Provence terroir: The Sainte-Victoire,” says Bruno DesCamps, marketing manager of Gassier. “You will find very few Provence wines with the same level of  freshness and roundness than Château Gassier. We are on a unique terroir much envied all over Provence, which creates wine with elegance and personality.”

Photo by Brian Samuels

Its history, the Sainte-Victoire terroir, and sustainable practices (the estate has been certified organic since 2016) make for wines that are elegant but easy to drink – the mark of great rosé wine. Esprit Gassier, Le Pas du Moine, and 946 – the finest of the bunch with smaller quantities produced – make up the range, and each one brings something slightly different to the table.  Esprit Gassier reflects a young, lively palate – reflected in both taste and bottle – while Le Pas du Moine is a bit richer, which also reflects in the packaging. 946 is one to pick up for an *occasion* and features a fresh and long finish, with citrus and peach.

“In a time when everyone is rushing to cash in on the ‘rosé rush,’ Château Gassier stands apart representing a timeless classic that is unmistakably Provence,” says David Lombardo, wine and beverage director at Benchmarc Restaurants by Marc Murphy. “Their wines effortlessly exude a freshness of springtime fruit and citrus, lavender and rosemary, with a backbone of lively acidity.”

Effortlessly fresh is a great way to think about it. When in doubt, go rosé. That’s what I’ve been told time and time again, as rosés go from aperitif to dinner to dessert, and pair with many different foods. And Château Gassier’s wines are no exception. And as interest, sales, and the “lifestyle” of rosé continues to rise, Gassier is clearly a trusted mainstay – and rightfully so. *Sip.*

Samantha Leal, July 3, 2018
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July 3, 2018

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