Commanderie de Peyrassol Launches Certified-Organic 2022 Vintage in the U.S.

NEW YORKApril 4, 2023 The Commanderie de Peyrassol, in partnership with fine wine marketer Wilson Daniels, is pleased to launch its inaugural certified-organic vintage in the United States this April. The winery’s entire range from the 2022 vintage – including the rosés, whites, and reds – is certified by the rigorous French certifying body Ecocert, thus reinforcing the Commanderie’s commitment to quality, terroir, and biodiversity.

“We’ve had the privilege of working with the Austruy family since the 2020 vintage release, and I speak on behalf of the entire Wilson Daniels team when I say it’s an honor to participate in this latest chapter in the winery’s commitment to sustainable, organic practices,” said Rocco Lombardo, President of Wilson Daniels. “Our customers and collectors are already enamored with Peyrassol’s historical relevance and authentic style, and with the launch of this certified organic 2022 vintage, we hope to share these refined Provençal wines far and wide so even more fine wine consumers can experience the Commanderie’s unique philosophy and hospitality.”

Founded by the Knights Templar in 1204, the 1,000-hectare estate has continuously produced distinctive, energetic wines that are emblematic of the iconic terroir of Provence. With this new certification, the Austruy family aims to preserve its vineyards for generations to come, while also maintaining the high quality standard and hallmarks of each of its cuvées.

“The Commanderie’s vineyards and surrounding lands are an irreplicable piece of living heritage, and we want to do everything we can to preserve them,” said Alban Cacaret, General Manager of Peyrassol and nephew of Proprietor Philippe Austruy. “Working organically and pursuing organic certification wasn’t necessarily our goal, but was rather a natural byproduct of our desire to respect the incredible biodiversity at Peyrassol. We are very fortunate to have our vineyards completely surrounded – and therefore protected – by a dense oak and pine forest, and it’s this unique positioning that allowed us to seriously pursue organic certification, a process that took five years to complete.”

Throughout Peyrassol’s 95 hectares of owned vineyards, Cacaret and Austruy took their time transiting the vines to 100% organic practices. They also work with a select few grape growers, many of whom were already farming organically. For those who weren’t, the winery shepherded them through the process just as its own vineyards were going through full organic conversion. Year over year, Cacaret and Austruy closely tasted the new wines to ensure they displayed the purest expression of Provence’s celebrated terroir.

Cacaret adds, “What we’ve discovered through this process is that being organic further enhances our wines’ typicity and defining characteristics. We really strive to imbue our wines with elegance, energy, and a sense of place. I will say that upon tasting the 2022 vintage, the aromatic complexity of the wines is truly remarkable, and I look forward to seeing how our wines evolve in a few years’ time.”

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About Commanderie de Peyrassol
The Commanderie de Peyrassol is a wine estate located in Provence, in the foothills of the Massif des Maures. Founded in the 13th century by the Templars, it has crossed the centuries, all the while continuously producing wine and olive oil. The estate is comprised of nearly 1,000 hectares and includes 95 hectares under vine, from which it produces its distinguished AOP Côtes de Provence wines. The terroir-driven rosés, with their racy mineral elegance, are at the foundation of the winery’s reputation and are present on the most refined tables. Proprietor Philippe Austruy’s collection of contemporary art displayed in the landscapes of garrigues and vineyards, his gourmet stopover, and his guest rooms make the Commanderie a place where life is good. The art of wine and the art of living in Provence are Peyrassol’s signature. For more information, visit

About Wilson Daniels
Founded in 1978, Wilson Daniels is a fully integrated, family-owned marketing and sales company representing a highly selective portfolio of the world’s most distinctive wines. Wilson Daniels continues to pursue and elevate the standards of excellence set by founders Win Wilson and Jack Daniels through developing long-term, strategic partnerships with luxury producers that possess profound respect for terroir and are benchmarks in their region. To learn more about Wilson Daniels, visit

April 4, 2023

April 4, 2023

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