Domaine Leflaive’s Dynamic Duos

Domaine Leflaive’s leadership over the last century has been defined by longstanding partnerships. The first of these storied “dynamic duos” began with Joseph Leflaive’s first replanting of the estate’s historic vineyards in the town of Puligny Montrachet in 1920, along with friend and co-manager François Virot. The square-mile plot included their grand cru and premier cru of Puligny, and Leflaive and Virot’s combined efforts led to the establishment of a brand and cultivation of an exclusive and discerning clientele. Leflaive’s sons Jo and Vincent would continue their father’s pursuit of excellence in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. With Jo managing the business and Vincent overseeing vineyard operations and commercialization, Domaine Leflaive rose to prestige among wine lovers and collectors around the world, helping popularize white Burgundy in international markets. Vincent Leflaive also served as a pioneer for biodynamic viticulture and passed this essential knowledge down through the generations.

In 1990, Anne-Claude, daughter of Vincent Leflaive, took over as joint manager along with Olivier, son of Joseph, who quickly began branching out further into the luxury wine industry while Anne-Claude oversaw winery operations with legendary winemaker and vineyard manager Pierre Morey. Together, they ushered in the estate’s conversion to biodynamic farming in the early 1990s, eliminating all non-organic practices and focusing on creating wine that was solely the expression of this historic terroir. Anne-Claude and Pierre’s partnership saw the brand into unprecedented growth and recognition between 1988 and 2008 — in large part due to Anne-Claude’s substantial contributions to wine education and philosophy.

Today, the company thrives under Brice de La Morandiere (nephew of Anne-Claude and great-grandson of founder Joseph Leflaive), who has undertaken the modernization and expansion of his family’s historic estate with celebrated winemaker Pierre Vincent. Wine writer William Kelley wrote for Decanter in January 2019: “Congratulations are due to Brice de La Morandière and Pierre Vincent for boldly ushering in a new era in Puligny-Montrachet.” Bolstered by the career-long partnerships of his predecessors, Brice and Pierre keep the spirit of Domaine Leflaive energized and thinking ahead to the future.

September 5, 2020

September 5, 2020

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