The Biggest Wine Trends for Summer 2018

Photo by Brian Samuels

It’s summertime and the living is…easier with a glass of wine. So what should you be enjoying in the last few weeks (sniff) of summer? We talked to some of our favorite sommeliers to get the scoop on what the biggest trends of summer have been thus far… and what you need to get on board with right now.

Sparkling and Rosé — Yes, Even at Steakhouses

“Being that we operate steakhouses we are certainly red wine-focused programs, but we do see in the hotter months a few more glasses of Champagne, sparkling, white, and rosé go out to our guests,” says Jack Mason MS of Pappas Bros. Steakhouses in Texas. “When it is hot like it is down here in Texas, people seem to be gravitating towards something a little more restrained and refreshing. That all being said people still come in and drink what they want to drink (like California Cabernet), but I think it is pretty cool that we do have people interested in drinking more seasonally and looking to tailor their experience to that.”

Try: Esprit Gassier

Eastern European Wines 

“Currently I see Eastern European countries trending in both social media and on wine lists,” says Sommelier Jeff Josenhans, Director of Banquets,  Restaurants, and Bars for The US Grant Hotel in San Diego. “Wines from both Hungary and Slovenia are leading the pack with sustainable practices, innovative production, and sexy packaging. We have on our list, for example, undisgorged sparkling Pinot Noir and extended skin contact pinot grigio from Slovenia, as well as aromatic, dry Furmint from Hungary which our consumers are not only curious about but coming back for.”

Try: The Oddity, Royal Tokaji

White Burgundy

“Summer wine trends can be a tricky thing to tease out. Unsurprisingly rosé and sancerre are still selling like gangbusters,” says Adam Toon, Sommelier and Republic National Distributing Company Sales Representative in Texas. “I think that people have now been exposed to a large enough pool of rosé that they are seeking out quality over quality. Sancerre is steadily climbing in price thanks in no small part to the wiles of Mother Nature. These two trends are likely to slowly give ground to my pick for summer wine trend 2018: white Burgundy.”

White Burgundy in the form of Chablis and Aligote are a favorite of many sommeliers. The generally approachable price point and the high quality of these wines make them easy to love…I strongly suggest you pull the cork on a bottle of Laroche.”

Try: Chablis Saint Martin, Laroche

Samantha Leal, August 20, 2018
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August 20, 2018

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