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11 High-Quality, Low-Alcohol Wines to Keep Things Light

Wines that are lower in alcohol are well-suited for a variety of situations, including as a perfect lunch time sipper or to help stay focused during a socially-distanced, intense board game night. White wines have less alcohol than reds, but even they frequently approach and surpass 13% alcohol by volume (abv). And, with our ever-warming climate, red wines tend to get boozier every year, sometimes going as high as 18% abv.

These 11 wines are low on alcohol, topping out at just 12% abv, yet still packed with flavor.

Clau de Nell 2017 Grolleau (Val de Loire); $62, 91 points. It is rare to find a red wine made from Grolleau, which is normally used for rosés. However, this rich, structured wine with funky aromas and dense tannins shows the grape’s aptitude for red. From biodynamically grown grapes, the wine is worth aging more. Drink from 2022. Wilson Daniels Ltd. —R.V.

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11 High-Quality, Low-Alcohol Wines to Keep Things Light