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11 of the Best Rosé Wines You Can Buy Online

Rose Wines to try in 2021
Rosé wines are perfect for sharing with friends, drinking solo on the patio, or for celebrating and enjoying any day of the year.ALICE CHASE

The most popular time of the year to sip rosé is undoubtedly during the summer. A bottle of pink rosé wine is a perfect complement to barbecues, picnics and rooftop parties. Yet, contrary to popular belief, you don’t just have to wait for warm weather to enjoy a glass. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you should be drinking rosé during the rest of the year.

Chêne Bleu Le Rosé

Rose Wines 2021 Chene Bleu
French and fresh in taste, the Chêne Bleu’s label for Le Rosé eludes to the rich history of the estate where the grapes are grown.ALICE CHASE

This pale pink Le Rosé is both elegant and playful. The bottle’s label conveys the long past of the estate, and the vineyard where the grapes are grown, dating back to the Middle Ages. It’s the most romantic of the rosés on this list, offering a floral, perfumed aroma reminding me of a bouquet of roses. It’s a blend of Syrah and Grenache, with notes of raspberry, red currant and light citrus touches of grapefruit and lime.

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11 of the Best Rosé Wines You Can Buy Online