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21 Spring Wines To Taste From All Over Italy

The attractions of Italian wines change constantly. Three reasons are as follows.

First, each of Italy’s 20 administrative regions produce wines, and the country grows a huge number—some 350—of different grape varieties used for producing vintages. This viticultural diversity allows for a huge range of blends and styles; it also allows for previously little known grape varieties to occasionally emerge as fresh stars on the wine scene because of their contemporarily unique or differentiating characteristics. (Check out the wines listed below: they include a white wine from Sicily made from the Zebibbo grape.)

Azienda Agricola Cogno. Anas – Cëtta. Nascetta del Comune di Novello. Langhe DOC. 2019.

This 13% alcohol white wine is 100% from the Nascetta grape, which was popular in the 1800’s and was rescued from obscurity in the 1990’s. Aromas of lime, Liptons tea, wet gravel, lemonade. In the mouth, Bartlett pears, limes, green apples, butterscotch, mandarin, grapefruits, tangerines. An assertive but calm wine. Pair with dover sole, or a dessert of banoffee pie. Available in the U.K. from Independent Wine.

Azienda Agricola Cogno. Barolo Ravera. DOCG. 2017.

From Elvio Cogno comes this Barolo with a brick and amber color. Amazingly fresh and powerful aromas of chestnuts, raspberries, gooseberrieis, eucalyptus, leather, soot, red plums and the scents of a country lane.

In the mouth, this medium acidity wine includes flavors of blueberries, raspberries and orange peel. Prunes, hazelnuts and cherries mid palate. A dose of mint on the finish. Pair with salmon, or a potjke pot or caramel taffy. This is a red fruit rodeo, an interconnected blend of pears, cranberries and prunes and morels. Compellingly fresh. The wine to sip on a Friday afternoon after catching a ride on the back of a Vespa to Barolo.

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21 Spring Wines To Taste From All Over Italy