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22 Tasty Food & Wine Pairings For Spring

Spring’s arrival is unlike any other season’s entrance. After barren winter months, a fresh crop of vegetables, fruits, and flowers become available, and as such, rousing wine pairings to complement them. Fireside sips and snacks are swiftly replaced with long afternoon park picnics—in other words, it’s the perfect recipe for magical food and wine moments.

It’s worth noting that the most important rule to food and wine pairings is that there are no rules. Experimentation reigns supreme when it comes to deciding what to drink with your favorite fare, as it can help you determine what you enjoy—and what you’ll skip out on next time. Wine snobs be damned, if you want to drink your sauvignon blanc with potato chips whilst sunning on a patch of grass, by all means, lead the way.

That being said, if you need a few ideas to kick-start the spring season, you’re in luck because we tapped a handful of industry experts (sommeliers, chefs, winemakers—the usual suspects) to give us 22 mouth-watering pairings to test out in the months ahead. Ahead, tasty ideas and where to shop their wine picks.

Roussanne Blend + Goat-Cheese-Stuffed Red Peppers

Chêne Bleu, located in Southern France, abides by sustainable, biodynamic, and organic viticulture and winemaking methods. “We stay very tuned into the rhythms of nature and the seasons and also drink and eat accordingly,” principal of Chêne Bleu Nicole Rolet says. The winery’s Aliot, a high-altitude roussanne blend with some grenache blanc and marsanne, is a rich, complex white wine that Rolet recommends for spring pairings. “Try it with goat-cheese-stuffed red peppers on a bed of arugula—a delicious and satisfying vegetarian dish,” she says.

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22 Tasty Food & Wine Pairings For Spring