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A Vertical Tasting with Anne-Claude Leflaive

“Anne-Claude Leflaive and Pierre Morey joined a dozen sommeliers at Wine & Spirits’ New York offices for a vertical tasting of Les Pucelles. Leflaive introduced the wines by describing the transition she and Morey had made to biodynamics. “When Pierre and I arrived,” she said, “we decided to change the way we farmed.” At the time, they faced a problem with erosion. With conventional farming, they were losing topsoil. “The soil is gold for us,” she explained, having found that the best way to keep it in place was “to foster a living population in the soil. I didn’t know anything about biodynamics at the time. We decided to make an experiment for eight years–to farm some rows organic and some biodynamic.”

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Joshua Greene, March 23, 2009
A Vertical Tasting with Anne-Claude Leflaive