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Burgundy Wines: A Whole World to discover

Burgundy Wines: A Whole World to discover

The Burgundy wine region in France is known by all who enjoy wine, whether they are connoisseurs or simply week-end amateurs. But there are 84 official appellations in Burgundy, which represents 23% of the French AOCs. It suggests that there is much to discover about this fertile area and the wine it produces. In this article, we will feature two appellations that deserve attention: Chablis (white) and Pommard (red).


A few years back, there were talks of removing Chablis from the Burgundy wine region. However, this idea was put to an end in 2020. The Chardonnay grapes are grown in the northernmost part of Burgundy, close to the Champagne region. Cultivated on ancient Jurassic soils, known as Kimmeridgian, which is made of limestone, clay as well as fossilized oyster shells. That is where the grapes acquire its mineral accent. The climate also plays an important part in the taste of the Chablis, as well as its colouring, which is a pale gold green.

If you have yet to taste a Chablis, we suggest that you start with a bottle from the Domaine Laroche. Its excellence and the stability of its vintages have been proven over the years. The only danger is that you may never want to drink another different white wine afterwards. Start with a Chablis 1er cru “Les Fourchaumes Vieilles Vignes” 2015. On the palate, you will experience notes of orange blossom, almonds and white chocolate, but most of all it will bring the pleasure of light cream in your mouth, thanks to its unique texture.

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Burgundy Wines: A Whole World to discover