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Champagne Gosset Joins the Wilson Daniels Portfolio: The oldest wine house in Champagne: 430 years of tradition and excellence

ST. HELENA, CA (March 2, 2015) — Wilson Daniels, one of the industry’s leading wines and spirits importers in the U.S., announces a new partnership with Champagne Gosset, effective April 1, 2015. Founded in Aÿ in 1584 by Pierre Gosset, this is the oldest wine house in the renowned Champagne region of France. Champagne Gosset remains one of the most illustrious and prestigious producers, considered by many collectors and connoisseurs as the world’s preeminent luxury champagne.

For more than four centuries, the preservation of style, purity and family traditions in the making of Champagne Gosset remains paramount. Historically, two wines vied for pride of place at the table of the kings of France: the wines of Aÿ and, from further south, the wines of Beaune. Both were made from the same grape varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Then, in the 18th century, the wines made in and around Aÿ began to bubble. Today, the Gosset cuvées are still presented in an antique-bottle design as its emblem.

Champagne Gosset’s reputation for high quality starts in the vineyard, where they source grapes almost entirely from premier cru and grand cru vineyards. Unlike most champagne producers, this illustrious wine house purposely avoids malolactic fermentation, and always performs riddling and disgorging of prestige cuvées and large-format bottles by hand. Gosset champagnes are made with extreme care and kept in dark cellars for at least three years — and up to seven for vintage champagnes and 10 for the Celebris cuvées — before release.

“It is with high regard that Wilson Daniels welcomes Champagne Gosset to our portfolio,” said founder and president Jack Daniels. “The heart and soul of our company shines through at moments like this, partnering with a family-owned luxury champagne producer brings the entire team great pride.”

Chef de cave Jean-Pierre Mareigner, born in Aÿ, comes from a champenois family deeply rooted in viticulture; his father, Pierre, worked at Champagne Gosset as vineyard director for 15 years. For more than 30 years, Jean-Pierre has protected Gosset’s inimitable vinous house-style.

In 1993, after more than 400 years of family ownership, Champagne Gosset was purchased by the Renaud-Cointreau family, who also owns and manages the highly regarded Cognac Frapin. The Renaud-Cointreau’s insist on a continuity of the old-style champagne appropriate to its historic birthplace in Aÿ. While other Champagne houses are handing over the reins to large corporations, the Renaud-Cointreau family understands the importance of preserving the heritage in winemaking that has, over 430 years, made Champagne Gosset the ultimate name in champagne.

“We are thrilled to link the name of Gosset with Wilson Daniels,” said CEO Jean-Pierre Cointreau. “It is with much esteem we bring our excellence française to this renowned portfolio, and to develop with Jack Daniels, and his efficient team the prestige of our champagne.”

About Wilson Daniels
Founded in 1978, Wilson Daniels is a family-owned marketing and sales company representing a highly selective portfolio of the world’s most distinctive wines and spirits. Wilson Daniels continues to pursue the standards of excellence set by founders Win Wilson and Jack Daniels through developing long-term strategic partnerships with luxury producers that possess profound respect for terroir, and are benchmarks in their region.

Wilson Daniels is the exclusive importer of Champagne Gosset. For further information contact Jennifer Brown — office 707.967.1827 | cell 707.478.5152 | jbrown@wilsondaniels.com.

To learn more visit — wilsondaniels.com/our-portfolio/champagne-gosset/


March 2, 2015
Champagne Gosset Joins the Wilson Daniels Portfolio: The oldest wine house in Champagne: 430 years of tradition and excellence