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Chêne Bleu – with Nicole Rolet

“Straddling the corners of four appellations in the Vaucluse area of southeastern France, Chêne Blue made a bold decision deciding to step outside of the AOC system in order to achieve their goal of producing high quality wines. With a southern latitude, in line with Gigondas, and high altitude (more northern and similar to Condrieu), Chêne Bleu almost literally has “one foot in the southern Rhône and one foot in the northern Rhône.” Being outside of the AOC system means the wines are often given broader geographic boundaries, such as Vin de Pays, Vaucluse or AOC Ventoux.

“The Chêne Bleu project has utmost respect for the history, heritage and tradition of the land (they are in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve). Here, forest intermingles with vineyards, giving the wines a true sense of place.

“Join us as we talk with Nicole Rolet about the challenges and Chêne Bleu’s efforts to resurrect an ancient property, and produce exceptional wines while balancing themselves between the Southern Rhône and the Northern Rhône.”

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Eric Anderson and Jay Selman, January 4, 2017
Chêne Bleu – with Nicole Rolet