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Leading Wholesalers Adapt As Coronavirus Crisis Takes Hold

THE U.S. DRINKS INDUSTRY—LIKE MOST other industries throughout the world—was adapting to a rapidly shifting landscape at press time, as suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers rushed to adjust their operations to meet the new realities ushered in by the global coronavirus pandemic. With the outbreak of coronavirus exploding in the U.S. in mid-March, on-premise operations effectively shut down across much of the country, while the off-premise initially saw a significant increase in sales as consumers stocked up, preparing for what could be a lengthy period of confinement. While the next few months will be challenging to say the least, the market’s top wholesale players are devoting ample resources to the fight, convening special task forces to monitor and respond to changing conditions both in the market and in their own operations, while sharpening their focus on the off-premise arena, where they hope rising sales will blunt the impact of the on-premise shutdowns. “We’re all operating in an unprecedented environment, and we’re committed to being a responsible and attentive partner across . . .

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Leading Wholesalers Adapt As Coronavirus Crisis Takes Hold