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Great Wines and Great Values for Holiday Bubbly

“Bubbly deserves better than four measly weeks a year, I’ve always said. Americans gorge themselves on sparkling wine in December, but sip it a lot less during the other 11 months. How did it come to that? It’s all about New Year’s Eve—I get that—but bubbly is not just about celebration, it’s the best wine for casual summer drinking, too…It’s a drink for every season.

“Now that I’ve been reviewing California sparkling wine for Wine Spectator for the past decade, I can say the wines have never been better. Here is a selection of the top wines:

 “…Schramsberg Rosé North Coast J. Schram 2005: Bold aromas and layered flavors finish with a vibrantly crisp note.”

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Tim Fish, December 11, 2013
Great Wines and Great Values for Holiday Bubbly