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Last-minute gifts that will make the wine lover swoon

“Wine people never really get tired of receiving good wine gifts — even when you pick them up at the last minute, which these suggestions can help you with. It’s not like these people thoughtfully taste and read about wine all year only to shut it down in December and think: “Please, no great wine gifts — come onnnn, sweaters!”

“Just give them something really good (naturally) but also something they don’t have or wouldn’t get on their own. Let them know you put some thought into the gift, and it will be doubly enjoyable — not just for them but for you too.


“The 2013 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs, from California and full of citrus, anise and green apple, is the same wine (different vintage) that Richard Nixon and the Chinese premier toasted with in 1972. All subsequent presidents have served Schramsberg, too, and on Inauguration Day, depending on your ideology, you can use it to celebrate or numb your pain. …”

Michael Austin, December 14, 2016
Last-minute gifts that will make the wine lover swoon