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Lunch with Royals

“Royal Tokaji, that is. Prior to my lunch with Royal Tokaji, I had tasted several Tokaji wines, but had not had the pleasure of tasting with Royal Tokaji. The experience was fantastic. The Tokaji wines were utterly delicious and presented such a delicate balance of acidity and sweetness. A highlight of the lunch was experiencing the service out of a crystal spoon of the 2007 Royal Tokaji Esencia, which I can only describe as being what would come to mind when one thinks of the nectar of the gods. Adding to the fun was a tasty appetizer of a bacon “clothesline.”

Perhaps you wouldn’t think of pairing what’s generally considered a dessert wine with bacon, but it worked sort of like when the syrup from your pancakes seeps over a bit onto the bacon. A can’t miss for this spring was Royal Tokaji’s dry Furmint, The Oddity (with backwards capital Ds), which retails for around $12 and is a surprising, light wine full of almond, lemon, and lemongrass flavors. Lunch was at BLT Prime, where I also enjoyed the “Ostrich” Lobster Scramble.

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Sonadora, March 2, 2017
Lunch with Royals