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Meet Your New Favorite Summer Wines (for Under $20)

“With the end of summer too soon in sight, every ray of sun, every minute of PTO, every drop of wine seems precious. But you don’t have to dry up your bank account to quench your thirst. From Italy to Argentina, tremendous values can be found in every corner of the wine world. Here are eight summer favorites, no more than $20 each, that sacrifice neither complexity nor your savings.

6. Château Gassier Rosé Côtes de Provence “Esprit Gassier” 2016 (Côtes de Provence, France)

“No wine hue has come to emblemize warm weather quite like rosé. But with more of the pink stuff flooding the market than ever before, now’s the time to be choosey when buying a bottle. Hailing from Provence, the rosé motherland, Château Gassier’s “Esprit Gassier” doesn’t disappoint. With crisp notes of wild strawberry, tangerine peel, and rosemary, the “Esprit Gassier” does exactly what a rosé should do: It refreshes you…”

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Bryce Wiatrak, August 18, 2017
Meet Your New Favorite Summer Wines (for Under $20)