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Natural Treasures: Tasting Tokaji Aszu Wines and Essencia

“… When Mahdavian began developing the wine program at the hotel in 2016, he knew the Tokaji Aszú and especially the Essencia would be a perfect match for the venue’s clientele and menu. “We wanted to come up with an original wine program through ideas that were luxurious and different, something truly unique that people had never before seen,” he explains. “The Tokaji Aszú and Essencia offered me the opportunity to provide a taste of nobility—the ‘Wine of Kings and the King of Wines’—for an accessible price. A taste of rare Tokaji from a crystal spoon awakens a sense of luxury unlike anything people have previously experienced, and with 48 wines and 18 Champagnes by the glass, it was only appropriate to offer Royal Tokaji wines from four different vineyards and four different terroirs by the crystal sppon.” …

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Cliff Rames, April 1, 2018
Natural Treasures: Tasting Tokaji Aszu Wines and Essencia